Saturday, February 2, 2019

Groundhog Day

So today is Groundhog Day, and unlike in the film both Daniel and I will be hoping that we don't have to repeat the day again tomorrow as although it was memorable, it was for all the wrong reasons!

This morning we had to go to town to buy Matthew new football boots as he has just joined a club, and needs boots to play on the astroturf. Daniel firstly refused to come along, and it took ages to get him dressed.  When we finally got to Sports Direct, Daniel refused to get out of the car.  I was quite keen to have a look in the store myself, so tried to persuade him out, but he was having none of it.  In the end, Louise took Matthew into the store, and they took quite a while for Matthew to try on and buy the right size boots - all the while Daniel and I were sitting in the car.

Daniel eventually came round when we took him to Dunelm Mill - I didn't buy him a cake as he hadn't behaved, but to be fair, he didn't complain and just sat there looking sad.  Louise ended up feeling sorry for him and bought him a caramel cake.

On the way home, we saw the remains of the snow on top of the mountains in the distance and Louise suggested that we could go 'snow chasing' - I thought this would be a great idea, and give Daniel a chance to experience some proper sledging.  So, after lunch, I took Daniel off in the car for a snow hunt. We had an incident even before we left, when Daniel slipped and fell down part of the stairs, though he claimed he was OK.  In the car, I took a wrong turning and it took much longer than I'd expected to reach the mountains, but when we finally arrived it looked like it would be great fun, and there were a lot of other cars parked along the road while families had gone to sledge and play in the snow.

The snow was much deeper than I'd expected, well over a foot in places, which made walking difficult on the uneven mountain grassland, especially for Daniel.  Pulling him along in the sledge uphill was hard work so he did walk and the snow fell into his boots.   He enjoyed the first twenty minutes, and had fun sledging down the hill the first time.  On his second go, though, he started crying at the bottom of the hill and complained his feet were too cold.

He struggled to walk back, so I pulled him in the sledge, but half way back when I was going to suggest he emptied the snow from his boots to help his feet, we realised he'd lost one of his wellies!  The snow was so deep, it was nowhere to be found.  We decided not to retrace our steps as Daniel was already crying, but it took another ten minutes to get back to the car.  On finally arriving home, with soaking cold wet trousers and socks, we struggled to warm up Daniel's feet and he ended up with a blanket and woolly socks.  By the time he got to bed, his feet were warm and he was back to his usual self, but he was complaining of a sore ankle.

Daniel, before losing his welly
Other news, and we measured Daniel this morning and he's 122cm, around 7cm shorter than Matthew was at the same age, but still above average.  We're still marking his height on the 'snug as a bug' height chart we originally bought for Matthew, though we've now taken it down when we're not measuring him, and have put up the dinosaur picture he had for Christmas and coloured in.

Daniel's colourful dinosaur

Yesterday evening we also found the camera Daniel had for Christmas in 2017, which he only used on Christmas Day itself and hasn't been seen since!  It had been sitting behind the cupboard in the lounge the whole time.

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