Friday, August 11, 2017

Train, castle and dinosaurs

Today Daniel, Matthew and I went on the train to Cardiff for our last day out of the week - I'm back in work next week and so won't be able to take the boys on any more adventures.  It was Daniel's first time on a 'proper' train and seemed to enjoy the experience of high speed travel, although he did keep asking me when the train would be going faster (good luck with that on British railways, Daniel).  

We spent our time in Cardiff visiting the castle, which none of us had visited before, and at the museum, where I'd taken Matthew a few years ago although it was Daniel's first visit.  

Despite some initial reservations about the castle - Daniel found the ruined keep 'boring' and Matthew wasn't keen on the steep steps - the boys had a good time exploring and enjoyed going through the secret World War 2 passageway and shelter, and finding interesting murals in the hall such as a pig playing the bagpipes.  

Daniel enjoyed seeing the dinosaur exhibits at the museum and particularly seemed to enjoy watching a video about volcanoes on the big screen, looking at fossils under the microscopes and drawing in the art gallery.

A random commuter decides to ruin my photo of Daniel's first train journey - cheers!

Outside the castle

Dinosaur skeleton

Fossil hunting

Creating an artwork

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