Friday, June 16, 2017

After school nursery

Daniel and Matthew have now had two weeks to get used to their new after school routine since Louise started working afternoons.  Today they had to go to their after school club run by Daniel's former nursery for the first time (Gramps looked after them last Friday).  Daniel wasn't happy about this and cried about it yesterday evening, and our neighbour told us that Matthew stormed out of school looking cross this afternoon.  They were happy when Louise brought them home, though, as Daniel had been able to play on a Nintendo and Matthew had made friends to play football with.  Hopefully they will continue to get on well.

Daniel knows the words to many of the songs from Louise's new Take That album, "Wonderland".  He sings along to "Superstar" and "River", which Matthew also enjoys and often has on repeat in his room.  Louise went to see the band live on Wednesday night.

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