Sunday, July 8, 2018

Nail varnish and the World Cup

Daniel has had another bottom tooth fall out, his fourth to do so.  We all went to the beach this afternoon, and Daniel was surprised to find the tooth fairy had been and left him a pound coin while we were out.  He was treated to a Fab ice lolly on the beach, and a fish cake and chips to eat during the drive home, which he enjoyed, so his gap can't have caused him any problems!  While on the beach, Daniel enjoyed paddling in the sea - not too cold for once due to the warm sunny weather we've been having - and found a hole someone had dug which he decided to "live in" and buried his legs inside in the sand.

Daniel at the beach

Daniel has been challenging during bedtime over the last few evenings.  Both Friday and yesterday he didn't want to go upstairs and started throwing things around, behaving more like a two year old than a five year old.  This evening he was slightly better but he still moaned about having to go to school tomorrow.  I think he's been having trouble sleeping in the hot weather, which is understandable considering how long we've had without any cooler days.  Yesterday he even dismantled his bed in a fit of rage!  While writing this post, Louise has just discovered Daniel in our bedroom putting on nail varnish!  He was then trying various lotions and antibacterial wipes to get it to come off... while we thought he was sleeping!  He tried to hide the nail varnish at first and when asked what was on his hand he just said "something red". Louise has discovered black eyeliner on his hand as well!

Dismantled bed

Nail varnish
School Sports Day took place on Friday morning, after being cancelled twice due to the weather (the first time as is was 'too wet', despite being a dry sunny day, due to an incorrect forecast, then the second time as it was too hot).  Fortunately, Louise was able to attend as it was the morning, and saw Daniel win his race for the second year in a row.  They have to pick up bean bags and negotiate obstacles as part of the race, and one poor boy completely messed it up.  Matthew came third in his race.

Daniel has enjoyed watching the start of some World Cup games with Matthew and I, but usually only sits down for a few minutes before acting out the game, either in the lounge or by going into the garden to play with a real football.  The dry weather has meant that the boys have been able to play football on the top lawn, which is now starting to look quite brown.  It's usually waterlogged so they'll be disappointed when the rain returns!  England have been doing surprisingly well which has maintained our interest and the boys have enjoyed having Andrew round to watch the games.  Their FIFA 18 game on the Xbox has now introduced a World Cup mode, which both Matthew and Daniel have had fun playing, and recreating some of the real games.  Yesterday, England played Sweden in the quarter finals and when I got up, I came downstairs to find Daniel playing as England versus Sweden - using women's teams!  They have also been collecting the Panini World Cup stickers and share an album; Daniel is surprisingly accurate at sticking them in, but I also discovered he's stuck lots of them on the wardrobe by his bed.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Naked on the windowsill

Louise had a shock earlier this week when she saw Daniel was standing on his bedroom windowsill completely naked!  We've had some mice living in our garage, which has attracted the local cat population and Louise had shown Daniel that two cats were sitting at the garage door by lifting him up to his window.  Later, Louise was doing the washing up when Daniel called for help, and Matthew told her it was "serious" - she went upstairs to find out what was happening, and found Daniel was standing naked on his windowsill and couldn't get down!  He'd climbed up while getting ready for bed to look for the cats and become stuck.

Monday, June 25, 2018

The tooth fairy returns

Daniel had a surprise visit from the tooth fairy while he was in the bath this evening!  His bottom left lateral incisor came out while he was eating lunch in school, so he put it in his pocket to keep safe and showed us this evening.  When I put Daniel to bed, he decided to brush his tooth to clean it and then placed it under his pillow, before he went for his bath.  When he got out of the bath, he was surprised to discover that the tooth fairy had already been and left a £1 coin in place of the tooth.  Daniel thinks the tooth fairy must have come through the window and through a small gap in his blind to reach his room without any of us noticing.

Apparently, one of the girls in Daniel's class, Amelia, thought it was her tooth when it came out in school - but when I asked Daniel whether she'd lost a tooth as well, he replied "no"...

Daniel also told me a little bit about his day in school today, which is quite unusual.  He told me that they played musical chairs, which he said he won, and also musical statues, which he didn't win. 

Daniel has been quite naughty this evening and, when he was refused a lolly, I had to stand in front of the freezer to stop him helping himself.  This caused him to become very irate and he started punching me in the arm, so he's been banned from having any more lollies for a week.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Given away by the evidence

We discovered that Daniel has been writing with his crayons on the air hockey table.  He didn't own up to it, but we could easily tell...

Graffiti, Daniel style

We don't think Daniel had chickenpox after all; his spots didn't get any worse and he didn't develop any other symptoms so we think they were bites.  He woke in the night last night complaining he was itching after playing on the lawn in the top garden yesterday, and Louise thought she saw some more bites on his leg.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Return of the pox?

On Friday, Daniel came home with several spots on the back of his neck, and complained that they were very itchy.  We thought they were insect bites, but discovered more spots on his bottom, face and arms yesterday.  When I took Daniel for a haircut, the hairdresser asked if I'd seen the spots as she thought it could be chickenpox, and when I explained that Daniel had already had it, she said that she'd had chickenpox three times.

Other than the itching, he's shown no signs of ill health and been his usual lively self throughout the weekend.  He seems to have developed no new spots today, and the existing spots haven't scabbed over - some have even started to fade - so we're thinking it may not be chickenpox after all.  Louise has decided to take Daniel to school tomorrow if he still seems well, and check with his teacher.

Matthew, Daniel and I went to the local tennis court today for a game.  Matthew and I played last weekend, but this is the first time Daniel has been since he was a toddler.  I was surprised by how well he could serve, considering he's never played properly with a racket before, but he struggled to return the ball.  Matthew became annoyed as Daniel wanted to use his red racket, so I'll have to buy another one from somewhere.

Daniel has also developed a new game this weekend, 'football tennis', where he hits a lightweight football into a net with a racket.  The game didn't last too long as the football has now disappeared over the hedge into next door.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Daniel surprised me with his maths earlier this week.  I asked him to do several sums, and he correctly counted all but one on his fingers, including 10 + 3.  I was surprised he has learned how to add up beyond 10, but then his teacher did tell us at parent's evening last year that he was the only child in his class who could count beyond 20.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Over the fence

Daniel got into trouble this afternoon when Matthew suggested he climb under the wire fence on our top garden to retrieve a football which had gone into our neighbour Val's garden.  Daniel got stuck and scratched his skin on the wire, and Louise had to help him free. She then had to phone Val to ask her to let him out of her garden so he could come back our side!