Sunday, October 15, 2017

Folly Farm

We took the boys to Folly Farm today, somewhere they always enjoy going and which seems to change every year.  This year they have opened a new entrance and gift shop, which is bigger than the original shop but seemed quite sparse with fewer gifts.  The boys enjoyed seeing some of the animals although Daniel did moan to start with as he wanted to go and play.  He'd cheered up by the time we got to the penguins and also enjoyed seeing the giraffes being fed.

After lunch, we went round the funfair and Daniel had fun going on the carousel, and also went in one of the vintage cars that Matthew used to enjoy, but wasn't keen to try the wurlitzers with Matthew.  He came with me on the dodgems, and Matthew was old enough to ride alone so found it fun to keep slamming into us!  He also enjoyed trying to hook some ducks, and won a small prize of some bubble liquid. 

Daniel and Matthew spent a long time playing in the new pirate-themed outdoor play area, and Daniel also had a go at the larger pedal tractors - Louise said that he managed to pedal a bit and thought it was hilarious, but didn't get very far.  At the end of the day we also went on the go karts, and Daniel enjoyed the race in the orange number 12 kart (we finished 3rd, and managed twice to overtake a blue kart but it passed us again near the end).

Daniel didn't want to leave and instead wanted a go on the sand diggers, which we hadn't had time to do, so kicked up a fuss when we went to the gift shop.  Louise and I had to drag him to the exit, and he then followed us back to the car sulking.  He then screamed for the first part of the journey home, and Matthew had to swap places with Louise in the car after Daniel scratched his hand.  Daniel eventually fell asleep in the back.

Other news: Daniel has recently been to the dentist, who has revealed he actually has three new teeth at the back.  None of his baby teeth have fallen out yet.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

School friends and school dinner

Daniel has opened up a bit about his school life this evening.  He told us that he enjoys playing with his friend Evan, and likes to play a game called "bix in the fix" where they pretend to put on tool belts and then fix various things in the playground.  He also said that Evan and his other friends don't always want to play the same games as he does, and today they wanted to play an army game which Daniel thought was boring, so he ended up playing on his own: "they just shoot each other".  He also still likes to play with Declan and told me that he sat with Declan at lunchtime today, even though they are no longer in the same class.

Daniel also told me that he enjoyed his school dinner today.  He had spaghetti bolognese which he thought was "yummy".  It had bits of carrot in, which Daniel didn't mind, but also some "green squares" which he didn't like.

He also told Louise today that he thought his toys were "boring"!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

New tooth

We've discovered Daniel has a new tooth coming through at the back on the bottom left.  He still hasn't lost any of his baby teeth, but Matthew's first tooth fell out on his 5th birthday and so we may not have much longer to wait before the tooth fairy puts in an appearance - the dentist has said recently that Daniel's front teeth are all wobbling.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Called into school

After dropping Daniel off at school this morning, Louise was called in by the teacher.  They are concerned at Daniel wetting himself, which is becoming more frequent - he had two changes of clothing yesterday in school and a further change at home.  Daniel has claimed that the teachers refuse when he asks to go to the toilet, but the teachers have told Louise that he doesn't ask.  Apparently, today, when asked if he had wet his pants, he said "what would happen if I have?" - which they thought was an unusual reaction.  Louise explained that we do tell him off for wetting himself, because we're at a loss for what else to try.

After this encounter, Louise contacted the doctor who will arrange for Daniel to have a urine sample tested to see if there is a medical reason.

Monday, September 18, 2017


On Friday, Daniel came home from school with Olwen, the class toy.  Olwen is the replacement for Pingw who is now somewhere in Spain - one of the children (Erin) took him abroad on holiday a couple of years ago and lost him while walking around a Spanish town, and Erin's parents had to make an emergency trip to Bristol to buy a replacement!  Olwen came in a suitcase complete with toothbrush,

We hadn't planned anything for the weekend and so had to come up with something to do with Olwen, as she comes with a blue file in which all the children who have looked after her record their activities together.  On Saturday morning we went to Smyth's toy store, where we bought Daniel a helicopter and he had a go at riding a proper bike (he's still using his balance bike at home, as the pedals don't work properly on Matthew's old Spiderman bike).  He enjoyed riding around the store and was able to use the pedals correctly with some encouragement.

We then took Olwen for lunch in Costa, where Daniel had a cheese and ham toastie and Matthew had two smoothies as Daniel didn't like his (Matthew has developed a love for Costa because of the fruit smoothies).  For dessert we went to Joe's Ice Cream, where Daniel had his photo with Olwen while enjoying a mint choc chip cone.  Surprisingly Olwen didn't eat anything in either Costa or Joe's.

On Sunday, Daniel and I took Olwen to a local woodland lake, where Daniel was able to go in the play area and then walk around the lake and in the woods.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Daniel was told off in school yesterday - apparently he wasn't paying attention because he found the lesson "boring". He had my mother in hysterics when he told her, but is this a sign of potential future misbehaviour?

Sunday, September 10, 2017

New school year

Daniel's first week back in school has gone relatively smoothly - he is now in the second reception year (Derbyn Dau) and a few more younger children have joined his class in the first reception year.  We don't hear much about school when we get home, but he's picked up his reading well after the summer break and read his latest book well for us.

He hasn't done much writing over the summer, as he no longer seems to enjoy drawing or scribbling at home and when I asked him to write his name in Granny's birthday card he couldn't remember how to spell it!  I thought he was deliberately trying it on, just because he didn't want to write, but it seems he was being genuine so perhaps being back at school will do him some good.  Unlike Matthew, who enjoys drawing, Daniel has barely picked up a pen at home out of choice during the holidays.  He's spent most of his free time pretending to be Harry Potter in the back garden, role playing with cars and playing on his Leap Pad or playing Mini Racing on the Android tablet.

Daniel also doesn't show much interest in jigsaws.  We'd kept a whole pile of Matthew's old jigsaws ready for Daniel but he's barely touched them and wasn't upset when I took them to a charity shop a couple of weeks ago.  I've since found another pile of them which Daniel told me today that he doesn't want.

He also enjoys singing and shouting, and has picked up quite a few lyrics from Louise's latest Take That album (which he's heard in the car, and in Matthew's room as Matthew enjoys playing the CD).  He sings one random lyric frequently - "I still believe the sky" (I don't know if this is correct).  It's not the first time he's done this, as a year or two ago he used to sing "My heart is a macho on a stone" - his interpretation of a lyric from ""Don't Be So Hard on Yourself" by Jess Glynne.