Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Daniel took part in his school nativity performance this evening.  He played the part of one of the three kings, and took the part seriously, practising in the lounge yesterday in a costume we had in the house by placing a present under our Christmas tree and then making a bow.  

At this evening's performance in the local church, Daniel carried his present down the aisle along with the other kings, and placed it underneath the manger with a bow.  For the rest of the performance he sang with the choir of angels and the other children.  He seemed happy afterwards that he had taken part, and had done what he'd been asked at the right time.  The performance actually went very well with most children remembering their lines. We have a repeat tomorrow night when Matthew will be taking part in the older children's performance (he's playing the violin, and possibly his recorder if we can find it!)

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Snow and sledging

Daniel was excited when it began snowing this morning.  He's not seen much snow in his life yet, as the last big fall we had was when he was only 2 months old and the only snow we've seen since didn't amount to much.  We didn't have a lot today, maybe a couple of centimetres, but it did stick and so I was able to take Matthew and Daniel sledging - Daniel's first time.

We went to the local woodland park, although the hills weren't as steep as I'd hoped and Matthew's hands got cold so we didn't stay long.  Matthew and I both pulled Daniel along in the sledge, which he enjoyed, and Daniel also had a go at tugging Matthew on the way back.  Daniel was finally able to try sledging down a steeper slope on his own on our way back to the car, although he did need me to give him an initial push.

Yesterday I took Daniel and Matthew to the cinema to watch Paddington 2.  The film was very funny and Daniel was well behaved, though he did amuse the family sitting next to us when he spotted that the film was being projected from the back of the cinema and said "look, is that where the film is coming from behind us?  it's from the energy in that pipe!".

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Goosey goosey gander

Daniel wanted to put himself to bed tonight, and then read me a story.  He put on his pyjamas himself and then called me back into his room where he chose to read me his nursery rhymes book - I think he chose this as he knows many of the rhymes which helps him as he can't read properly yet.

He was word-for-word correct with many of the rhymes, but wasn't so sure of others.  The funniest one was "Goosey, goosey, gander, where shall I wander?, upstairs and downstairs, and in my lady's office..."

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hospital clinic visit

We took Daniel to the hospital children's centre this afternoon to see a paediatrician about his wetting.  Before going in for his appointment, Daniel was weighed, had his height measured and his blood pressure tested by the nurse.  He's currently 20kg (3.15 stone), 113.2cm high and his blood pressure was 106/61.  We were delayed going in, and the boys had a great time playing bowling on the Wii in the waiting room.  When his name was called, Daniel was very reluctant to go in and it took quite a bit of coaxing from the nurse, doctor and from me to get him to enter the consulting room. 

The doctor was very good at calming Daniel down and soon had him answering questions.  He told her that he was in reception class in school, and that he wet himself 87 times a day (I reassured her that he wasn't quite that bad)!  The doctor then asked him if he could count, and what number came after 87 and he answered correctly.  Daniel was then asked to do a series of tests, which he found quite funny, such as walking in a straight line, balancing on one leg, touching his nose and then the doctor's finger, and putting his palm alternately up and down on the doctor's hand.  She also tested his knee reflexes (he complained this hurt) and then tested his reaction to her tickling his feet.

I was asked some questions about Daniel's toilet and dietary habits, and we were told he could drink more, and to cut down on any citrus drinks.  The doctor thought it was still fairly normal at Daniel's age not to stay dry throughout the day, and will refer Daniel for a kidney scan to make sure he fully empties his bladder when he goes to the toilet.

Daniel also had a surprise yesterday at his swimming class: he went in the big pool for the first time.  He was only in there for around five minutes, and the instructor held his hand the whole time (he also had his floats), but told Grandma afterwards that he didn't know why they asked him to go in there as he "could have sunk"!  He was also quite cheeky to Grandma and told her that she "goes on and on".

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Cycling, lego and tablecloth cutting

Today I took Daniel out to ride on his new dinosaur bike for the first time.  He started riding it on the pavement outside while he became used to pedalling, and found it much easier once I'd pumped up the tyres a bit.  After a while, we went to the park and he had a go at riding round the footpath.  He was doing well until the ride home, when he steered towards the road just as a car was coming, and I had to stop him which I think freaked him out a bit. 

Daniel built another Lego Junior kit with me this afternoon and surprised me again with both his concentration and building ability.  It took around 45 minutes to build the toy and he followed the instructions throughout, without losing interest and without leaving the lounge (except for a toilet break).  He did all of the building himself, although I had to tighten a few pieces and help guide him a few times - he didn't get frustrated at all though.

Despite his good behaviour while Lego building, Louise discovered that he'd been cutting the tablecloth with scissors and has chopped off the corners!  She also found that he'd been spraying her perfume in the bedroom and playing with jewellery again.

Friday, November 24, 2017

First tooth out

Daniel lost his first tooth this morning while brushing his tooth - one of the bottom front teeth (lower central incisors).  He put it under his pillow before going to school, and discovered on returning home this evening that the tooth fairy had been during the day and given him a £1 coin!  He didn't think the tooth fairy would come during the day, as he'd heard that she usually visits at night, but we suggested the day might be just as good - which is handy as Daniel can be a light sleeper and liable to wake if his door is opened.

Daniel already seems to be developing a scepticism of Father Christmas.  On his birthday, I showed him a video from the big man himself and he said "that's not Santa", and when I suggested Santa might be watching to see if he's being good, he said "no, he isn't!".  It would be a bit weird to have a 9 year old who still believes in Father Christmas and a 5 year old who doesn't...

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Daniel turns 5

Daniel enjoyed getting up early to open his presents before school on his 5th birthday yesterday.  He was delighted to receive the dinosaur bike he asked for (after recently seeing it in Smith's Toy Superstore) along with some Junior Lego, a magnetic shapes construction kit, a Hot Wheels track and vehicles and plenty of other things to keep him entertained.  He missed his swimming class, as it was on his birthday, so he could come home and play with his toys in the evening after school.  He also enjoyed blowing out the candles on his Blaze Monster Machines birthday cake.

I helped Daniel put together his Cars Lego set and was very impressed with his building skills: he was able to correctly identify the pieces from the instructions and even follow the instructions to put the blocks together for many blocks.  Although he enjoys building random things with Lego and Duplo, he's never followed instructions before, to my knowledge, and he can't read properly yet either, so being able to follow the diagrams I thought was pretty impressive.

I took Daniel and Matthew for a haircut on Saturday, and Daniel was even cheekier to the hairdressers than usual.  He told one hairdresser what he wanted for Christmas at the beginning of their appointment, and when a different hairdresser asked him later on, he sighed loudly and said "I told you earlier, weren't you listening?".  Although he's generally good and does what the hairdresser tells him, he got a bit fed up towards the end of the appointment and when the hairdresser said that she was nearly done, Daniel said "but you always say that"!  She then told him it would be two minutes, and to count to 100, at which point Daniel counted to 60 and then restarted.  We thought he had lost count, but after counting to 60 a second time he then told the hairdresser that the two minutes were up!

Granny's funeral took place today. Last night, when I asked Matthew last night what he remembered most about Granny, Daniel interrupted and said "she's died, and she's pie-d" and then did a little dance.  I was therefore quite relieved that Daniel was due to go to school as I'm not sure everyone would have seen the funny side of his antics at the funeral!