Monday, March 12, 2018


Daniel and Matthew both won certificates for their homework over the half term break.  Daniel came third in the 3D model competition for his model of the local lake, made with crepe paper, and Matthew also won certificates for his photography and painting of Merlin the wizard.

Daniel continues to improve with his reading, and received a star last week for reading "better than the children in Mrs Thomas's class" (the year above him).  Despite this, he told me tonight that "school is rubbish" but he wouldn't tell me why.

We're currently redecorating Daniel's bedroom, and have started painting it two-tone blue using colours he picked himself.  Progress has been hampered by my developing a rather nasty bug that I'm finding hard to shake off (Louise thinks I've caught Australian flu!).  Once painted, we'll need to get Daniel a full size bed to replace the toddler bed, and put up new curtains and a border.  Daniel has chosen a football border and curtains, and Matthew will also be getting new football curtains and a football lamp.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Pirate in the snow

Daniel went to school dressed as a pirate for World Book Day.  The children had to dress up as characters from books - we found a pirate book for Daniel's costume and Matthew dressed in his Harry Potter robe and glasses.  This was the second day in a row that they dressed up for school, as they wore rugby shirts yesterday for St David's Day. 

They were a little disappointed to even be going to school, as many schools around the country have been closed due to the severe cold weather this week, with yesterday turning out to be the coldest March day since records began and many places experiencing blizzards.  Despite the temperature not rising above freezing since Tuesday, we have seen hardly any snow, so the school was open as normal.  After school yesterday, though, my plan to take them out for tea nearly backfired when Costa and Jenkins were closed, despite the lack of snow, as was the Co-Op cafe.  We eventually found Starbucks to be open so the boys could each have a sausage sandwich and marshmallow twizzle.

Daniel as a pirate

Daniel playing in the garden on a small patch of snow

Daniel has spent a lot of time drawing recently and he continues to impress me with the detail in his pictures.  He recently drew a picture of me with my friend Andrew, complete with correct hair and eye colours.  He's started to colour in faces and even fingers.

Coloured fingers
Coloured faces and shoes 
Andrew and Me

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Big arms

Daniel has been drawing today, and I noticed he'd drawn his people with 'proper' arms and fingers rather than the stick arms he has previously used.  His legs now also have shoes (or feet) at the end as well, and the head is in a more realistic proportion to the body although the feet are still fairly short.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Early Man

We took Daniel and Matthew to the cinema yesterday morning to see the new Aardman film, Early Man.  We didn't know much about the plot, other than that it was about, well, Early Man, but I wanted to come along as I've always enjoyed Aardman productions.  The boys (especially Matthew) came out delighted as it turned out that football was a major part of the story. 

Daniel has continued to follow Matthew's recent obsession with football and has now amassed a collection of Match Attax cards which Matthew doesn't want - mainly from last season.  They have been playing football together with teddies in the lounge recently, as the weather has been too wet for them to play outside often.  Daniel now knows the trademark goal celebrations of many of the famous players from watching them on the Xbox when Matthew plays Fifa 18.  He also plays Matthew at Fifa, but usually ends up losing.  He has become a little better at driving on Forza Horizon 3, and unlocked the Hot Wheels track a few weeks ago which he enjoys playing.  His Grandma doesn't enjoy watching him race, as it makes her feel nervous (he drives through buildings and crashes into other cars on a regular basis).

After the cinema trip, we took the boys to Costa for lunch where they were treated to a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich.  Daniel was disappointed not to have a cake, even though he'd had popcorn, a Milky Way and a drink while watching the film!

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Daniel has enjoyed playing with Matthew's old Chuggington set today.  He wanted to set it up after reading some Chuggington bedtime stories earlier this week, and so we built a track this morning in his room.  Sadly some of the pieces are missing, so we couldn't build the big bridge, and some of the engines no longer talk, but that didn't stop Daniel from playing with it for a long time.

He also had a new toy today - he spent £10 of his Christmas money on a remote control Lightning McQueen racing car, which he's been driving around the lounge and kitchen this afternoon.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


While helping Daniel to read his latest Welsh reading book in school, Louise had to ask Matthew how to pronounce 'olwyn', which means 'wheel'.  Daniel was insistent we had it wrong when Louise kept correcting him.  We thought it was pronounced ol-win, like the name, but Matthew told us that it is pronounced ol-oyn, which is what Daniel kept saying.  His reading skills continue to impress!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Louise took Daniel to the hospital yesterday morning for a kidney scan following his recent clinic visit about his wetting.  He was sent some instructions in the post, so that we could tell him about the scan in advance:

The first time he was scanned, he hadn't drunk enough and so he had to have another drink and then wait for another scan.  He then had to go to the toilet and have a further scan to check if they had been emptied completely.  The doctor thought everything looked fine - he had 8ml left after urinating which is apparently normal (anything below 10ml is OK).  Daniel was well behaved and did as he was told during the scan.

As they couldn't find anything, I guess it will be back to the clinic again for another visit.  I'm not sure how much else they can do, but Daniel is still wetting himself on a regular basis, especially in the late afternoon and evening.

Daniel continues to have an irrational dislike of hair and fluff - last week he got out of the bath himself because Matthew had pushed some fluff towards him.  On Saturday I took the boys for a haircut and Daniel asked about using the brush to sweep the floor, but didn't want to pick up all the hair!