Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sports Day

Daniel took part in his first school sports day today.  Unfortunately due to work commitments, neither Louise or I could attend to see him run (Louise has only just started her new job, and I recently took time off for Matthew's regional sports day which was cancelled due to the rain), so my parents went along for the afternoon accompanied by my aunt, who is visiting from Scotland this week.

Daniel didn't tell me much about it when I came home, but Matthew told me that Daniel had won his race!  Sadly, Matthew and Daniel were both in the blue group, who lost overall.  Thankfully the weather was fresher for them to run today after a heatwave over the last few days, resulting in the hottest June temperatures since 1976 - Daniel has had trouble sleeping in night time bedroom temperatures of 27C even with the windows wide open.

Friday, June 16, 2017

After school nursery

Daniel and Matthew have now had two weeks to get used to their new after school routine since Louise started working afternoons.  Today they had to go to their after school club run by Daniel's former nursery for the first time (Gramps looked after them last Friday).  Daniel wasn't happy about this and cried about it yesterday evening, and our neighbour told us that Matthew stormed out of school looking cross this afternoon.  They were happy when Louise brought them home, though, as Daniel had been able to play on a Nintendo and Matthew had made friends to play football with.  Hopefully they will continue to get on well.

Daniel knows the words to many of the songs from Louise's new Take That album, "Wonderland".  He sings along to "Superstar" and "River", which Matthew also enjoys and often has on repeat in his room.  Louise went to see the band live on Wednesday night.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tempting Fate

...and after my post yesterday explaining how good Daniel had been in the night recently, he got up at 12.40am last night because the wind was blowing too loudly through the window vents.  At least he gave an explanation and didn't just stand at his door in silence!

Monday, June 5, 2017

All change

It's all change in our house this week as Louise starts her new job, working every afternoon instead of nights.  Louise has worked nights for around fifteen years, aside for her time on maternity leave with the boys, so this will be a big change for us.  It means that she will see less of the boys in the week, and we've had to enlist the support of Gramps, and Grandma and Grandad, who will be responsible for collecting them from school four afternoons a week (we've had to pay Daniel and Matthew's old nursery to collect them on Fridays).

Gramps started this afternoon and met the boys at school.  It's Grandma and Grandad's turn tomorrow, who will take Matthew to his swimming lesson and Daniel will have to accompany them.

Daniel didn't seem keen on the change when we talked to him about it last week, but seemed to have accepted it today.  Part of the reason for Louise's new job is the difficulty we've had with Daniel sleeping through the night, which has been challenging for me after two or three nights in a row with nobody else around to help.  I find it difficult to go back to sleep after being disturbed and as Daniel's usual waking time is between 12am and 2am, rather than before I go to bed or towards the end of the night, I have been regularly going into work on around 2 or 3 hours sleep.  Daniel's sleeping has improved again recently but I'm hoping the new job will help Louise's health as well and give us the chance to do more things together on Saturdays.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Six Digestives and the death of Elvis

Daniel was off school yesterday after having an upset stomach most of the week.  He hasn't acted as if he has felt ill or complained of any discomfort but has been going to the toilet a lot more than usual.  Louise was working on Wednesday night, so asked her Dad (Gramps) to come and look after Daniel while she had some sleep.  Daniel was offered and ate a Digestive biscuit, and Gramps didn't notice him going out to the kitchen again for any significant length of time, but when Louise got up she noticed that the packet of biscuits was empty - Daniel had eaten at least six!

When she asked Daniel about this, he eventually owned up and said that he had been hungry.  Due to his upset stomach, he has been on plain food all week.  He said sorry on three separate occasions after Louise found out, so was obviously feeling guilty.

Louise told a teacher that Daniel's toilet trouble may have been due to eating mud from the 'mud kitchen', and this afternoon when collecting the boys from school she heard another child come out announcing that the children were no longer allowed to use it.

This evening, Matthew did a funny dance which included a pose that looked like that of Elvis Presley.  Neither Matthew nor Daniel knew who Elvis was, and Daniel became fascinated when I happened to mention that he died on the toilet.  Several moments after the conversation had passed, he had obviously been thinking about it and raised the subject again by asking "did somebody flush him down the pipe?".

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sports Day Medal

Daniel came home with a medal today after finishing second in his race in the area Meithrin Sports Day.  The sports day includes children of reception year age from different schools in the locality, so Daniel did well to come second - there were around 10 children in the race altogether.

He's been told off this evening for leaning over the garden wall trying to talk loudly to Jayden, one of our neighbour's sons, who he knows from school.  They were excited as Jayden has just had a bike which turns out to be the same as Daniel's (Matthew's old Spiderman bike).  The talking isn't such a problem but he's been showing things by lifting them up and we're worried he will drop them in next door's garden.  He also threw a football into our other neighbour's garden by accident.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

One eared Rabbie

Daniel was upset yesterday when we discovered one of Rabbie's ears on the floor.  Rabbie is his favourite bedtime toy and gets carried around a lot during the day too.  He's taken Rabbie to bed for the last couple of nights with only one ear, and is waiting for Louise to sew his other ear back.